Christmas Offering

Click Here To Give to the Christmas Offering.

The New Horizon Christmas offering is an above and beyond offering given during the month of December. Our goal is to:

Unleash Compassion. Build Relationships. and Share Hope.


Here are the goals of the Christmas Offering.


  • Build a Habitat Home for a single mom in our community.
  • Improve our Preschool and Elementary environments.


  • Partner with No Longer Orphans
  • Provide Encouragement and Financial Support to Shiloh Children’s Home in North India.


It will take $50,000 above and beyond giving
to accomplish all of this.


We are asking everyone to bring their best gift on December 18. In the mean time, I want to encourage you to do two things:

  1. Ask God how He would have you participate in our Christmas Offering.
  2. Do what He tells you to do.

I am confident that if everyone does these two things, we will reach our goal.

This Christmas, join me in saying ”THANK YOU JESUS,” for changing my life, and continuing to change lives throughout our community and around the world. Let’s bring our best gift to Jesus this year!

Don’t forget, all contributions received by 11:59PM on December 31st are tax deductible and will be credited towards your current year giving record.