Who can attend Transit?

All 5th – 8th grade students are welcome at transit.

When does Transit meet?

transit meets every Sunday morning during our adult second service in Durham, NC. Get directions.

What time do I drop my child off and pick them up?

You can drop your student off at 10:40 and pick up after the adult service.

Do Transit volunteers have a background check?

All transit volunteers must complete an approved background check before serving at transit.

What can my student expect to do at Transit?

Students will hear the message of Jesus and have fun doing it. They will have the opportunity to experience God-centered community by hanging out with friends and transit volunteers.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend transit?

transit welcomes everyone. We unashamedly preach and teach Jesus, but we try hard to create an environment where everyone can belong at transit.

Who is teaching my child?

A team of skilled communicators who love Jesus create the messages we teach at transit. Your child will hear clearly what it means to follow Jesus.

Can I stay with my child at transit?

Safety is our priority at transit. The only adults allowed to attend transit are volunteers who have an approved background check. We welcome parents to serve as transit volunteers if you are interested in sharing the transit experience with your student.

What does transit believe?

See What We Believe to learn more about what we believe at New Horizon Church.