What To Bring/Wear When You Get Baptized

Getting baptized? We're excited for you and want to help you have the best experience possible. So, here are a few tips:


Wear to church what you'll be getting baptized in - Shorts and a dark t-shirt are perfect.  Wear sandals or flips flops.


What To Bring:

Duffle bag or plastic bag labeled with your name.

Contents of your bag:

Hair dyer (We provide this, if you want to use ours.)
Hair products (We also have these)
Ponytail holders (We have these available too)
Bags for wet clothing
And, all other necessary items

What to Do Upon Arrival

Check in at baptism check-in upon arriving. Our friendly team members will give more detailed instruction and give you a name tag to wear. There is reserved seating on the left side of auditorium for family members and friends. Sit with your family and friends until the pastor gives instruction to line up at the baptismal pool.  Get Dunked!

Useful tip:  

Practice holding your nose.  Hold your nose with your right hand, holding your right wrist with your left hand.  This will help the pastor baptizing you and you'll keep the water out of your nose.